Prof Zhanwu Dai

Professor, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science (IB-CAS), Beijing

Title of presentation: Modeling berry growth and quality formation at multiple levels

Dr. Zhanwu Dai is a full professor in the Beijing Key Laboratory of Grape Science and Enology and Key Laboratory of Plant Resources, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences at Beijing. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Avignon (France) and China Agricultural University (China). After his PhD and during 2010-2019, he worked at INRAe Bordeaux as an associated professor, then he started to create his own lab at IB-CAS in 2019. He worked actively with colleagues from INRAe and IB-CAS to establish an international associated lab ‘INNOGRAPE’ between INRAe, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Sci Agro and IB-CAS in 2018. His research focuses on the understanding and modeling of the responses of grape berry quality to environments (light, temperature, water…) and nutrients (carbon, nitrogen…), in order to better understand the accumulation dynamics of primary (sugars and organic acids) and secondary (e.g. polyphenols) metabolites in grape berry, under changing environmental conditions. Integrative approaches combing ecophysiology, modeling, omics, and molecular analyses are applied to obtain holistic views of the studied system, in order to provide supports for a sustainable viticulture industry. He has published about 50 peer-reviewed journals, including Trends in Plant Science, New Phytologist, Journal of Experimental Botany, Annals of Botany, Tree physiology etc.