Philippe Gallusci

Professor in Plant Molecular Biology at Bordeaux University

Title of presentation: Methylome dynamics in grapevine: from fruit development to stress responses and memories

Philippe Gallusci is full professor at Bordeaux University and deputy director at EGFV. He has expertise in Plant physiology, molecular biology and epigenetics. He has obtained his PhD in Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Toulouse in 1991 and since has worked at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne (1991-1994), at Bordeaux University where he has developed projects on tomato fruit development (2000-2015, UMR Fruit Biology and Pathology) and at the Boyce Thompson Institute in the frame a Fulbright Grant of Excellence (2014). Since 2016 he is developing research on epigenetic regulations in grapevine at EGFV as a group leader. He has developed projects on epigenetic regulations in plants since 2005.

Field of research: 
We are investigating the role of epigenetic mechanisms (Histone marks, DNA methylation) in fleshy fruit development (tomato and grape), and their impact on fruit metabolism and quality. In addition we are developing various projects on grapevine aiming at deciphering the role of epigenetic mechanisms in the response and adaptation to stresses (drought stress, pesticide, carbon deprivation). Ongoing work aims at analyzing the epigenetic memory of stresses over years, at determining the impact of grafting on both scion and rootstock small RNA populations and epigenetic landscapes and at studying the contribution of epigenetic mechanisms to the phenotypic diversity of grapevine.