Dr Patricio Hinrichsen

Senior Researcher at the Chilean National Institute for Agriculture Research, INIA

Title of presentation: Genetics and markers for quality traits in table grapes: From the heaven of single traits to the deepness of polygenics

Born in Concepción, Chile (1961). Biochemist from the University of Concepción (1985) and then PhD from P. Universidad Católica de Chile (1993). Since then he has worked as a researcher at INIA, La Platina Exp. Station, in the capital city. From there, he has had a key role in the development of agricultural biotechnology and genetics at the national level. In his 30-year career, he has directed ca. 60 undergraduate, master’s, doctoral theses and post-doctoral projects, and has published more than 70 scientific papers in WoS journals. His main areas of work and contributions have been in the area of fruits quality, with special emphasis on grapevines but also other fruit crops and pests as well, addressing issues ranging from the study of their genetic diversity to the characterization of genes for berry quality and rachis architecture and physiology. The development of the seedlessness marker and more recently of new markers related to berry size are among the most outstanding results of his group, as well as having contributed to define the identity of ‘Carmenère’, and the genetic history and huge diversity of criolla-type genotypes in Chile.

Field of research: 
Grapevine genetics and biotechnology